Topographic maps are of great importance in most construction and research projects. In fact, these maps are used as base maps in the study of human and natural factors.
Topographic Contours are used to display elevation, equipotential lines, urban planning, various elements and phenomena. Due to the various applications of these maps, their utilization has become very important. 
The data required for the preparation of these maps are elevation points, which according to the accuracy required for each project, are obtained from various methods such as camera and GPS mapping, photogrammetry and satellite data.
Dt-Data software is programmed and provided to obtain elevation data from Google server. In the following, we will introduce the capabilities of this software.
پنجره اصلی Dt-data

خروجی Dt-Data
Dt-data capabilities version 1.8
Download 15,000 points in minutes
Get points either in rows and columns or randomly
Output in both geographical and utm


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